Dealing with Maskne

Maskne is real y’all! Many of us have been suffering from this and I am sure we all want to know how to get rid of it!!! Here are a few tips and tricks we have put together to keep your skin clean and healthy...

1. Mask hygiene is imperative. They say you should treat your masks like you would treat your underwear. In other words only wear them once. Wash and dry them properly.

Each time that we put our masks on we rub off skin cells, dirt and the oils our face naturally produce call sebum. Each time that you put it on your adding more of this yucky concoction to your mask but we are also trapping our poor pores in it which creates the perfect environment for bacteria.

2. Wash, wash wash your face morning and night, and in between when you can feel it's dirty. We suggest using one of our lovely facial cleansing bars (Golden Milk or our Rice Water Facial Bar). When washing your face try to

message the soap in a counter clockwise circular motion. This lifts the fine hairs that are on our face (vellus hair which protects our pores from debris) so you are able to

really clean your pores. Experts recommend washing your face for at least 30 seconds for optimum bacteria removal.

3. Tone your face after washing. This not only balances your skin but it takes off any unwanted participles left behind. We make 3 different toners which are all alcohol free; so they wont disturb your faces natural biome. We make an Herbal Toner, Herbal Detox Toner, and our Rice Water Toner. Please check out our website to see which one would best suite your skin!

4. Last but definitely not least MOISTURIZE!!!! Most of us have been thought to wash all our natural oils away to feel clean and it feel counterintuitive to apply a moisturizer when you may have oily/ combination skin... But I am here to blow that concept out of your mind. Each time that you strip these oils off like with skincare products that use alcohol (please read your labels!), your body naturally thinks it needs to make more. So

this viscous cycle begins. To prevent the overproduction of oils, moisturizing is key. We have 3 facial butters that are incredible. They are full of the nourishment every skin needs but most of all they are organic as well as fragrance and alcohol FREE so they are incredibly healing to your face. Our Rice Water, Rose Water and Sleepytime Face Butters smell only like the teas we use and the beneficial oils that are in them. We also recommend a facial serum which gives your face an added protection

from all the elements we are exposed to when we step outside. We have 2 power packed serums: Natural Gold and Vitamin C.

While we can't promise this will cure your Maskne, we hope that it will help! We also recommend using one of face masques (Metamorphosis, Refresh, and Detox) once a week or every once in a while to get a good deep clean and decrease inflammation. But the above tips completed on a daily basis, will protect your face and get back to glowing skin!

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