Isankofa on Yananomics Podcast!

Yananomics Podcast Ep. 1 - Exploring the Roots: Doulas, Childbirth & Living Holistically

Join the Yananomics Podcast Host, Empress Ayana, and her special guests, Sahra Deer, Founder & Product Developer of Isankofa Skin Care, and Cynthia Hayes, Full Spectrum Doula & Certified Lactation Consultant, Earth’s Natural Touch Birth Care & Beyond. They delve into a conversation exploring living holistically, navigating childbirth for Black women and families; infant mortality rates, the significance of a doula’s presence in the childbirth process, legislative updates, breastfeeding and the associated stigmas. Then be treated to a tutorial on cloth diapering and how to make your own baby bottom wash! Check out this informative, family-conscious podcast. Enjoy!!!

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