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our mission

Our mission is to offer quality, ethically sourced, sustainable skin care that is affordable to all while educating our customers on the value of all-natural ingredients and the risk of chemical skin care products you find in the stores. We strive to engage our community through outreach, charitable donations and awareness of local artisans, farmers and crafters that we partner with.

our vision

We will expand our reach to a larger community, first in the United States, and then across the globe. Educating the masses on sustainability and the importance of consciousness when shopping ethically, Isankofa will be a lifestyle, not just a product on the shelf.

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take actioN

Help us give back to our community simply by purchasing one of the three soaps below!


For every bar sold, we donate a portion of the proceeds to a different community organization. The story behind the soap goes deeper than a nice wash, each soap made with ingredients that highlight the community we are choosing to support.

Add to cart and maybe grab one for a friend! Let them know the story.

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