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Face Toner

Face Toner


A delicate blend of organic herbs, berries and witch hazel all brewed with local spring water . We brew our own exclusive herbal/witch hazel blend with local spring water from Alex Caisse Spring. 


Detox: Our herbal blend with Marshmallow root for an extra deep cleanse. Best for oily skin.


Herbal: This potent blend of herbs refreshes your skin while removing dirt and grime. Best for normal/combo skin.


Rice Water: The best thing about rice water is the nutrients that help to brighten your skin. Best for sensitive skin.

Detox: Spring Water, Witch Hazel, Aloe*, Basil,* Rose *, Lavender,* Juniper Berry,* Jasmine,* Chamomile,* Rose Hip,* Elderberry,* Calendula,* Hibiscus*, Marshmallow Root*, Radish Root Ferment

Herbal: Spring Water, Witch Hazel*, Aloe*, Rose, Basil*, Lavender*, Juniper Berry*, Jasmine*, Chamomile*, Rose Hip*, Elderberry*, Calendula*, Hibiscus*, Radish Root Ferment

Rice Water: Spring Water, Witch Hazel, Aloe*, Jasmin, Rice, Radish Root Ferment

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